Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Inkin' in Lincoln IV - scribal event 2013

Inkin’ in Lincoln IV
September 28th
White Oak Township Building
202 North Lincoln
Carlock, IL 61725
9:00am to 5:00pm

Welcome all to a day of Scribal goodness! We have a spacious hall with plenty of tables and chairs. Bring your scribal kit, projects, or just your lovely self! We even have tools and supplies to share. Aspiring scribes of all skill levels are invited. A dayboard of snacks and beverages is included in the site fee of $5 per person. (Additional $5 non-member surcharge applies.) Contact Ellen of the Scholars if you’d like to teach a class or schedule time and space for a specific activity. email: ellenofthescholars@yahoo.com or call: (309) 287-4962. Contact Ellen to pre-register and we’ll have a goody bag ready for you at the door. Otherwise, it’s first-come, first-served on freebies and handouts.

The hall will be open from 9:00am to 5:00pm. The hall lighting is good, but you may wish to bring a small task light to help ‘illuminate’ your fine detail work. The Carlock site is just a few miles NorthWest of  Bloomington/Normal off I-74. (Map is below.)

Should your skills include cookery, additional items for the dayboard are always welcome! The site is BONE DRY. The building is also no smoking and does not allow animals.

Roana Aldinoch will be teaching the "Golden Ratio" at 10:00am.
"This is a short discussion on the Golden Ratio as it applied to medieval art, architecture, and illumination. Our discussion will focus on what the Golden Ratio is, the controversy surrounding its supposed application, and how it can be used to create authentic period look and feel to your illuminated work. Please bring a sharpened pencil."

Corasande will be teaching informal sessions on brush making during the afternoon.

We have asked Mistress Jocelyn of Lutterworth to repeat her Scribal Challenge from Baroness Wars.
Scribal Challenge Rules: This is a combination of Junkyard Wars and Chopped, Scribal Style. Each contestant will get a bag of items, mostly modern household items, and then be given 2 hours to create a scribal item from that bag. The Chopped part comes in that the contestants will also have use of a general "pantry" that will be provided. Good luck everyone!

You can also view our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1403604149855602/
to check out who's attending.

***Update*** I've added a map (below). Also, the event site is right next to the Carlock Fire Department. Please be sure you do not park in front of the fire department & block their drive!! There should be plenty of parking behind and in front of the White Oak Township Building.