Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Inkin' in Lincoln Photos from 2013.

Inkin' in Lincoln is over for this year, although there are plans to do it again next fall. For now, here are some of the photos I took throughout the day.

Roana teaching about the golden ratio.

One of our newer members getting some pointers from Mistress Mary.

Making a tiny scroll.

Eithne hard at work.

You can see the variety of tools used by our scribes in the Midlands.

Somebody mentioned fish, so that's a fish in the shape of a 'U' at the top there.

More scribes very hard at work.

Aw, the guys took a break so they could pose as action figures!

Happy Scribe!

Baron Wilhelm completed the scroll he's working on at the event.

More scribal concentration.

Getting ready for the scribal challenge to make a scroll from the 'strange' materials provided.

Yes, a zombie makeup kit can be used to make a scroll.

Getting started with the challenge. Soy sauce for paint?

Scroll challenge in progress.

Shiny gold fingernail polish! Very sparkly.

Finished challenge scroll #1.

Finished challenge scroll #2.

Finished challenge scroll #3.

Finished challenge scroll #4.

Finished challenge scroll #5.
Norelle and Sorcha were working on wooden book covers.

The paint is 'milk' paint. Painted on in several layers, sanded, and finished with wax (shoe polish to be exact!) These still have several layers to go. Do those stripes look like bacon to you?

We welcome your comments! Suggestions for next year are also good. 

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  1. No, really! We'd like to see your comments!! Let us know what your perfect "Scribal" event would look like.