Thursday, October 3, 2013

There was some talk at the event about using a variety of letters to begin scroll texts. Here is the list of scroll beginnings I've used before. As you can see, I haven't used some letters yet. Anybody have additions?

Beginning letters and variations thereon
All nobility, know ye by these presents that
All unto whom these presents come know that
Be it known
Declare unto all
Due commendations and greetings from
Excellent are the qualities
For all shall know according to these presents
Give heed to
Hear ye all and know
Hearken all unto whom these presents come
In accord with all that is proper attend and witness
In witness whereof
It shall be known by all that
Know all men by these presents that
Know ye all and sundry
Let it be known
Let all gentles and nobles know by these presents that
Let those herepresent
May all know
Now unto
Observe the will of
Proclaim to all gentles and nobles, that
Quiet all tongues while the Monarchs of the Midrealm proclaim
Read these words
See, read, hear and understand by these presents that
To all and singular
Unto all gentles
Zephyr winds blow


  1. Most period texts (letters, proclamations, etc.) that I have found start with the speaker announcing himself. This means whatever ruling noble you've got, you can always use variants of "X and Y, king and queen of [kingdom]..."

  2. (about halfway down) lists a bunch that have been used in the West...